Swiss Plateau

Next to the Jura and Alps, the Swiss Plateau forms one of the three main regions of Switzerland. It includes some flat, but largely hilly area between the Jura and Alps. Beautiful landscapes can be found here. Quiet rivers in a pastel colour. Cantilevered roofs protect abundant Emmental farmhouses. Rolling hills descend from the Alpine foothills to the plains of Zealand. In the north, the Jura ridge greets above Lake Biel, Solothurn and the Oberaargau. The prosperity of the villages is reflected in the cities: thick walls, covered footpaths, streets, enlivened by fountains with figures that tell of a sonorous past, including the capital of Bern for example (now a UNESCO World Heritage Site). In medieval towns, time seems to stop. Alpine foothills and the Jura mountain ranges offer superb winter sports and hiking in the summer. Gems of the locals: Emmental, Gurnigel / Gantrisch region, Weissenstein high above Solothurn.


Olten, the intersection of the railway lines north and south, Basel and Chiasso, West and East, Geneva and St. Gallen. Olten is known as the capital of the canton of Solothurn as well for the meeting point for train station buffs, which is equally close for all Swiss. Olten offers an excellent meeting infrastructure. The historic old town invites you to linger. Tourists preferably walk in the car-free pedestrian zones with interesting buildings and attractive shops and boutiques. In addition, the district has an active music and varied cabaret scene.

Oltner Museums

Nature museum, art museum, historical museum, archaeological museum, securities museum, museum for historical bonds and shares


Gretzenbach: largest Thai temple in Switzerland, castles, ruins, palaces, churches and chapels, hikes, bike tours, Tüfelsschlucht, Allerheiligenberg, Ballon, Jura faces, climbing walls, quarries, rock climbers, 18-hole golf course, solar bobsleigh run in Langendorf in Oberen Hauenstein, smaller ski areas, cross country ski area, Olten old town, Belchenfluh: Distinctive boundary point between the Canton of Solothurn and the Basel region, Jacob's ladder near Egerkingen: ascent to the 100th ladder with 180 steps, Bally Park: shoe manufacturer Bally from 1868 created a landscape park in the English style with thatched stilt houses on the Aare near Schönenwerd


Oltner Shrove Tuesday, Olten cabaret days, Oltner Chilbi, Book Fair Olten, Olten dance days, 23 shooting stars, Christmas market in the cloister garden


Aarau, founded around 1248 by the Kyburgs on a rocky plateau above the Aare, still radiates the spirit of bygone times and has thrilling attractions. Historic buildings such as the Obertorturm, at 61.24 metres the highest preserved medieval city tower in Switzerland, and the town church from the 15th century with modern stained glass windows by Felix Hoffmann and Roland Guignard, the Fountain of Justice, or the house in the castle garden, the first Swiss government seat, are waiting to be discovered. A special feature is the many richly painted eaves of the old town houses which give Aarau its nickname, the "town of beautiful gables". Aarau even has something unique underground: the Meyer's cleats, a fascinating tunnel system from the early industrial period.

In the picturesque Old Town, there are many special shops and restaurants to spend the day in. Art and culture lovers will appreciate the variety of high-quality museums and with Bachfischet and Maienzug Aarau also has centuries-old, vibrant customs which attract not only Aarau locals into the streets. Aarau is also currently known throughout Switzerland for the crime series "The Undertaker".

Outside the Old Town there are idyllic garden quarters and a well-developed leisure and recreational infrastructure, such as pool by the Aare, the racecourse, the Roggenhausen Wildlife Park, the floodplain, and walking and hiking trails.