Give Time

You enjoyed the stay in one of our Swiss Premium Hotels? Wonderful, with this experience make a present to someone. The vouchers can be a dinner for two, spend a holiday residence, a recreational weekend, a spa day - simply enable a time-out. Vouchers can be purchased from CHF 50.- and are in all Swiss Premium Hotels redeemable. And: The vouchers are valid also in the restaurants.

You can provide the vouchers with a dedication and print directly at home. The payment can be made via credit card or invoice. So let your imagination run wild, who would you like to give a present?

Wellness weekends are only for women? With active relaxation beating the Burnout cheat - that can also be accepted by men. Who to need more exercise, modern fitness equipment is also available in many Swiss Premium Hotels. Or: Treat yourself and your partner an extension weekend. You travel to a conference in Zurich? Hang but the weekend off and steep into the sightseeing. You have a seminar in Ticino? Stay longer, bring your family to you and go hiking in the beautiful valleys.

Even Paris, St. Gallen and Davos and all of our destinations in Switzerland - are too good to check off only the schedule. Time to relax, take a deep breath, releasing or going ahead - this is a good Gift idea! We are looking forward to see you soon and also to welcome the donee in one of the Swiss Premium Hotels.