Visions, values ​​and long-term goals

Our company

Swiss Premium Hotels is a Swiss marketing organisation of privately run, independent hotels, which stand out due to warm hospitality, a high level of comfort, quality and authenticity.

We aim high to achieve a leading position in the national and in the international marketplace.

Our economic objectives are based on the provision of services to ensure a solid return.

Our Services

With our marketing and sales activities, we help the hotel to obtain an image-oriented positioning, implement sales-promoting measures and open up potential new distribution channels.

Our goal is to create added values ​​from existing inventory for our members.

Our customers and ourselves

Our actions take into consideration the needs of our clients and include socio-reliable conditions.

Our services as well as our requirement profile are defined by close personal contact with our members and are constantly adapted to the high standard of our quality specifications.

Our competitors and ourselves

We take our competitors seriously and respect them. We assert ourselves against the international competition with first class services.

Our staff and ourselves

Swiss Premium Hotels achieves first-class quality, contract-compliant services through trained, competent personnel and at all times ensures compliance with an ethical attitude and values ​​in their work.